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Inspirational art making interviews with artists, makers, manufacturers, and retailers of art supplies.

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    51: Inkcited - Fountain pen ink art with Nick Stewart πŸ’¦

    An episode featuring artist Nick Stewart. It’s all about making art using the unique properties of fountain pen inks. Shading, sheening, chromatography, and bleach. Also, how we plan to get involved in Inktober 2018.

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    50: Happy As Larry πŸ˜ƒ

    An interview with Jen Saunders of Larry Post – an art supply and stationery retailer near Sydney Australia on a mission to get people sketching and painting outdoors.

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    48: The Brad Finale πŸŽ‰

    We interview Brad Dowdy of the Pen Addict Podcast and say goodbye to Art Supply Posse, at least for now.

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    45: Art with Kids πŸ‘Ά

    Kathy and Heather make plans to learn more about New Mexico, and Kathy chats about making art with kids.

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