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Inspirational art making interviews with artists, makers, manufacturers, and retailers of art supplies.

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    62: Pottery Artist Julia Skott 🏺

    Have you ever wondered how your coffee mug is made? Learn how ceramics are made from pottery artist Julia Skott.

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    60: Pebble Stationery and Tomoe River Paper

    Pebble Stationery make affordably priced notebooks with Tomoe River paper. This paper is particularly well suited to drawing and painting with inks.

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    Ink & Sketchbook Bundle

    Announcement: We are putting together a bundle with 6 waterproof ink samples by three different brands, plus stapled sketchbooks by Seawhite of Brighton.

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    57: Find Your People with Naomi Bulger

    This interview with letter writing enthusiast, and all round creative person Naomi Bulger, is a realist’s take on becoming an artist. It’s very refreshing and inspiring.

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    55: All the Colours and Beyond - Tetrachromacy with Concetta Antico 🌈

    Kim Interviews Concetta Antico; an artist, art teacher and true tetrachromat. She can see up to 100 million more colours than almost anyone else in the world. Concetta’s abilities have been verified scientifically, and researched for six years, at the time of this interview.

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