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This weekly podcast is all about reviewing art supplies, interviewing art makers and inspiring all of us to use our art tools more often.

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    38: Colors and Quarks 💥

    Heather and Kathy discuss the fundamentals of human color perception and the history of color reproduction in dyes and pigments.

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    37: Paintbrushes 101 🖌️

    Kathy and Heather review critical follow up on weather and cats. ⛈ 😺 Also, Kathy gives a 101 lesson in the history of paintbrush manufacturing and a review of all their modern shapes and sizes.

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    34: Disney Movies and Heart Beats 💗

    Kathy and Heather chat about pink Apple watches, share their heart beats with each other, and discuss the tools and processes used in early Disney animation.

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    32: Printmaking 101 📜

    Join Heather and Kathy to talk about Printmaking. Well, Heather talks about it and Kathy has some thoughts as well.

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    31: Fighting with Sharpies 📢

    This week, Heather and Kathy talk about pen pals, listener submitted creative spaces, and making signs for the Womens March.

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    30: Art Journaling 📔

    This week, Heather and Kathy talk about art journaling, the ArtSnacks January box, and Heather's upcoming trip to San Diego. Plus a tiny person Kathy knows pretty well makes a surprise appearance.

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