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This weekly podcast is all about reviewing art supplies, interviewing art makers and inspiring all of us to use our art tools more often.

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    47: Unicorn Origin Story 🦄

    Kathy shares her origin story and generously turns off her air conditioner for the recording.

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    45: Art with Kids 👶

    Kathy and Heather make plans to learn more about New Mexico, and Kathy chats about making art with kids.

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    42: Unicorn Photography 📷

    Heather is in between apartments and Kathy talks about her history with photography.

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    40: Back on the Horse 🐴

    Kathy and Heather get back on the horse after a couple weeks of sickness and exhausting road trips to chat about lots of mini topics and the April 2017 ArtSnacks box.

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    38: Colors and Quarks 💥

    Heather and Kathy discuss the fundamentals of human color perception and the history of color reproduction in dyes and pigments.

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