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This weekly podcast is all about reviewing art supplies, interviewing art makers and inspiring all of us to use our art tools more often.

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    11: Using the A-Word

    We start out this week, nerding out with Harry Potter and KC Comicon and then we tackle the serious topic of, if and when, we call ourselves "artists."

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    10: Once More, With Weirdos

    A little news, a little follow-up, and our last colored pencil segment, the weirdos, the misfits, and the ones that defy category.

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    8: Color Me Pencil

    The first in a new on-going series about colored pencils. This week we discuss wax- and oil-based colored pencil ad nauseum.

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    7: More Maura!

    This week we host our first interview with artist, illustrator and educator, Maura Cluthe. Meanwhile, Heather recovers from camping crud and Ana works too much.

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    6: Cats-Up and Bullying

    This week we discuss surviving bullying, being brave and a backlog of follow-up.

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    5: A Brush(Pen) with Greatness

    Part Two in our on-going series on markers. This week we discuss brush pens plus Heather gets her first "big girl" pan watercolor set and we try to figure out the difference between pigment, dye and ink.

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    4: You So Fine(liner)

    This week we cover a fair bit of follow-up, answer our first #askasp questions, and dive into the first part of our multi-part series on markers, starting with fineliners. And we got a theme song!

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    3: Gettin' Schooled

    Heather and Ana start their first week of "art camp" and talk about online art classes, creative workshops, and how to make time for art.

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