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This weekly podcast is all about reviewing art supplies, interviewing art makers and inspiring all of us to use our art tools more often.

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    18: Fountain Pens for Drawing

    In our first week of Inktober, we dive in with fountain pens for drawings. Want to swim in the inky sea with us?

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    17: Falling for Joey Feldman

    Rock n' roll and pop culture artist, Joey Feldman shares his origin story, how he met his mentor and what's on his utility belt. Batteries to power, turbines to speed... ready to move out!

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    16: Lettering 101

    This week, take two. Lettering 101, a little Upping, and some Inktober Spoilers. We discuss the difference between lettering, calligraphy and typography and then I stick a nib in my mouth. The things I do for art.

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    15: Owing a Lot to Marty Owings

    This week we chat with YouTube art supply reviewer and artist and art enabler Marty Owings of Owings Art who inspired and entertained us with his velvety voice and enthusiasm for all things creative.

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    14: Our Personal Color Agenda

    Pushing our color agenda for another episode with limited palettes, artists we love and some newsy bits to make your head spin.

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    13: Hue Do You Think You Are?

    Ana is back from the SF Pen Show with a gravelly voice, we talk about color theory and Heather thinks Pantone are just little "chippy things".

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    12: Fall Back To School

    This week we talk about back-to-school rituals, the smell of fresh pencils and do a little follow-up about the A-word. Not our most art supply-centric episode – we'll be back in our 1-subject notebooks next week.

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    11: Using the A-Word

    We start out this week, nerding out with Harry Potter and KC Comicon and then we tackle the serious topic of, if and when, we call ourselves "artists."

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    10: Once More, With Weirdos

    A little news, a little follow-up, and our last colored pencil segment, the weirdos, the misfits, and the ones that defy category.

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