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This weekly podcast is all about reviewing art supplies, interviewing art makers and inspiring all of us to use our art tools more often.

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    32: Printmaking 101 📜

    Join Heather and Kathy to talk about Printmaking. Well, Heather talks about it and Kathy has some thoughts as well.

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    31: Fighting with Sharpies 📢

    This week, Heather and Kathy talk about pen pals, listener submitted creative spaces, and making signs for the Womens March.

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    30: Art Journaling 📔

    This week, Heather and Kathy talk about art journaling, the ArtSnacks January box, and Heather's upcoming trip to San Diego. Plus a tiny person Kathy knows pretty well makes a surprise appearance.

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    29: Mail Art 💌

    This week, Heather and Kathy talk about Mail Art, how it works, some links to other things and what awesomeness it creates.

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    28: New Year, New Habits

    This week Heather is joined by Kathy Campbell to discuss end of year reflections and artistic ambitions for 2017. This is the last episode of 2016; Art Supply Posse will return on January 11th.

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    27: Explicitly Mike Hawthorne

    Comic book artist, family man and all-around good guy Mike Hawthorne kept Heather and I laughing with his wit and wisdom this week. Mike illustrates the wonderfully bawdy Marvel comic book Deadpool and our conversation may also include some PG-13 language.

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    26: All Up In Bind

    We spend this week trying to describe bookbinding basics using hand gestures and rattling tools you can't see. So we've got lots of links to videos to help illustrate our points. We also talk about the best basic tools for booksbinding like paper, string and pointy things. All super technical.

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    25: Gift Guide 2016

    We round up our favorite gift ideas to get you and your favorite artist inspired for 2017.

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    24: Muggin' with Kathy Weller

    This week Heather and I get a little goofy with the charming and effervescent illustrator, and lettering artist Kathy Weller. We talk about ugly sketches, Wacom tablets and CINTIQs and some of our favorite art supplies too.

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